A List of the Most Toxic Cleaning Substances that Cleaners Must Avoid

Blog | February 28th, 2018

When you engage the services of a top quality commercial cleaning company to provide excellent, thorough cleaning of your office, factory, store or warehouse facilities, you can be assured of having a working environment that is cleaned regularly. You can also rely on the fact that your expert modern cleaning crew is using only environmentally safe, effective, green cleaning agents, equipment and practices. This safe, effective cleansing of your commercial spaces is also quite cost-efficient. In addition, every member of your cleaning team has been well trained in site-specific cleaning measures and professional asset maintenance to ensure top-tier, professional cleaning of the highest caliber for all areas of your business site and needs.

The Most Toxic Cleaning Substances that Your Commercial Cleaners Must Avoid Today

Although some industrial companies and commercial business sites today still depend on strong, harsh chemical agents for ensuring hygienic work environments, these heavy-duty cleaning products are usually very concentrated. These cleaning materials have long required careful handling by well-trained professional cleaning crews to ensure their safe usage. However, in today’s eco-friendly and protective world, the best commercial and industrial cleaning companies are avoiding and working to eliminate use of dangerous and hazardous cleaning agents by their employees.

Newer, green products are now on the market that ensure thorough cleansing of the most heavily soiled, stained or polluted industrial sites. If you or someone you know is currently working on a cleaning crew that is still exposed to toxic cleaning substances, this cleaner needs to be aware of which harsh, dangerous or potentially hazardous cleaning substances to avoid.

Many dangerous cleaning agents are flammable, corrosive, toxic and even explosive, and they are classified in different groups to help cleaners and building owners identify the dangers and risks posed by use of these products. Dangerous cleaning product categories are as follows:

• Class 3 Dangerous Products. – These cleaning agents are flammable, and many can catch fire and burn quickly, with spreading flames and toxic fumes. These resulting vapours can also burn, and some of them are potentially explosive. Even commercial floor cleaners, equipment scouring agents and stain removers may be Class 3 Dangerous, so cleaners must always read product label warnings and avoid using these high-risk substances.

• Class 5 Dangerous Products. – These dangerous materials are oxidising agents that may emit oxygen and cause combustion when exposed to other cleaning agents. Their composition can also increase the severity and spreading of an existing fire at a commercial site. These substances have been used to clean rough and stained metal or concrete surfaces, but should now be completely avoided.

• Class 8 Dangerous Products.
– These highly dangerous cleaning agents are corrosives, and they can cause very serious damage to eyes, skin and even lung tissues if their fumes are inhaled by workers cleaning industrial facilities. Used for removal of chemical spills and stains, they can also damage many wood, plastic and shiny metal surfaces, and these harmful cleaning substances should never be mixed with other cleaning products. They should definitely be avoided for use today.

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