Benefits of Sourcing and Re-Stocking of Commercial Cleaning Products and Consumables

Blog | August 24th, 2017

When maintaining a large office complex or other type of commercial establishment, it is costly to pay retail prices for cleaning products. A more affordable plan is to locate a professional cleaning company that also carries a wide array of commercial cleaning products and consumables. By doing this, you will pay reasonable prices for all of the supplies that you need to enable you to stay within your maintenance budget. This is just one reason to purchase your cleaning and consumable supplies in this manner. We offer more on this topic in the following facts.

Affordable Choice

The top reason to source and restock your commercial cleaning supplies and consumables is your budget. If your company is similar to other ones today, you work with limited funds to maintain and operate your business. Paying high prices for these supplies can cut into your profit margin in a severe way and hurt the successfulness of your company.

Effective, Healthy Cleaning Solutions

When you select commercial cleaning products instead of retail ones, you receive effective, healthier solutions for the maintenance of your building since commercial cleaning companies offer only green cleaning solutions today. Using eco-friendly solutions such as these ensures that your building is cleaned without toxic residues left behind that can pollute the indoor air and surfaces. In addition, you will receive the right solutions for your needs such as shampoo for the carpet or mopping detergent for vinyl floors just for two examples.

Select from a Wide Assortment of Commercial Consumables

The other reason to turn to a commercial company for supplies is the various consumables that you will need on a daily basis. You can select from a wide assortment of products such as:

  • Toilet tissues and rolls to stock your bathrooms throughout your building
  • Paper hand towels to locate by all your sinks even in the break room
  • Facial-tissue dispensers and tissues for use by your employees and guests
  • Cleansers, dispensers and air fresheners to preserve the sanitary conditions and air quality inside the building
  • Floor matting to prevent feet and leg fatigue or to protect the floors depending on the model

For further facts about why you should source and restock your commercial cleaning products and consumables, consult with our company of Alec Epis Cleaning Services. We provide expert cleaning services and products along with a full line of consumables at affordable prices. Schedule an initial meeting at your earliest convenience to receive a full quote on your specific needs.

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