Car Showroom Cleaning Creates a Bright Vibe and Positive Impression

Blog | July 24th, 2017

Car dealerships face fierce competition today and must strive to stand out above the rest in their niche every single day. Customers who walk into your dealership expect to see bright, shiny cars in a building that matches. The showroom includes more than just the cars, though, since there also are the windows, floors, reception or lounge areas, offices and restrooms. Quality showroom cleaning is a necessity to create a bright vibe and positive impression with customers. The best way to receive this type of cleaning for your dealership is to hire a professional cleaning company.

Services That a Professional Cleaning Company Offers to You

While your employees take care of grooming the vehicles to showcase them effectively, a professional cleaning company will provide the following services to the rest of your car showroom:

• Crystal-clear, clean windows from top to bottom will gleam in the sunlight and allow the customers to see the cars through them even before they enter the showroom. In fact, this helps entice them into the showroom for further information.

• Highly polished floors will sparkle brightly after the cleaning crews dust, mop, wax (depending on the flooring material) and buff them to a beautiful sheen.

• Carpets will receive routine vacuuming and shampooing if applicable to keep them free of the dirt that customers will track in each business day. While carpeting may not be in where the cars are on display, you may have it in office, reception or lounge areas.

• Reception areas receive a once over to ensure that all the furnishings are clean and inviting. After all, on a business day, customers may need to spend time in them waiting their turn with your salespeople.

• Restrooms receive a thorough cleaning from the toilets and sinks to the floors. Crews rely on deodorising and sanitizing solutions for these rooms to ensure they are safe to use along with attractively clean.

• Cleaning crews empty all trash and garbage to prevent clutter, unpleasant odours and germs from occurring in the showroom.

Customers Will Advertise for You

Customers will broadcast the fact that your dealership is the place to do business when they receive a favourable impression from your car showroom cleaning efforts. Of course, you will need to back this up with quality customer service and affordable deals to propel your business to optimal success, but it all starts with a presentable, sanitary and clean showroom.

If your dealership is in the Melbourne area of Australia, rely on Alec Epic Cleaning Services for quality car showroom cleaning to create a bright vibe and positive impression with customers. Also, inquire about the various consumables and other products that we supply to our customers upon request.

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