Carpet Steam and Dry Cleaning Services

Blog | April 10th, 2017

Making sure flooring and carpets are clean, particularly in a school environment is extremely important. After all, kids are notoriously messy! And keeping carpeting clean isn’t just about appearances, it is also a safety concern. Carpet fibers can hold in germs and bacteria – things that you definitely want to keep at a minimum in a school environment. And you’ve got options when looking at cleaning methods – steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Steam cleaning carpet harnesses the power of extremely hot water released into the carpet. The steam and water loosens up dirt particles which are then suctioned out. It usually works better when stains are pre-treated – meaning that stains are more easily lifted. And vacuuming the carpet beforehand is also a required step. Getting as many loose dirt particles out as possible allows steam cleaning to really be as effective as possible.

Keep in mind that steam cleaning requires the area to dry for around 24 hours or so. It is best to utilize this method when the school is going to be closed for an extended break or long weekend. Giving the carpet time to dry is an important factor.

Dry cleaning carpet is another safe and effective method of cleaning high traffic areas. Again, pre-treating by vacuuming the carpet is recommended. During the process of dry cleaning, chemicals are pushed into the fibers and then suctioned out very quickly. Cotton pads are used on the carpet as it is being cleaned and these pads are changed out many times during the process. The cleaning solutions loosen up the stains and dirt within the fibers and are then removed.

One of the benefits to dry cleaning is that the carpet can be walked on again almost right away. It is generally completely dry within a few hours. The quicker turnaround time often makes this a more viable method for busier areas and schools. This method is often used in “emergency” situations.

Basically carpet steam cleaning and dry cleaning services are both effective methods. If you’re looking for a faster turnaround time and access to the area quicker, than dry cleaning is extremely effective. However, if you need a deeper clean, than steam cleaning should be considered. Both of them are safe and viable options to keeping high traffic areas clean and germ free as much as possible.

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