Commercial Cleaning and the Importance of Occupational Health and Safety Standards

Blog | May 23rd, 2017

Businesses of all types have a responsibility to ensure that their facilities are safe for their employees and visitors at all times. Commercial cleaning plays an important role in accomplishing this since businesses can reduce slips and falls, maintain healthy air quality and prevent disease-causing pathogens from growing on surfaces. All of these benefits of this type of cleaning also help businesses bring their buildings into compliance with occupational health and safety or OH&S standards here in Australia. Below, we explain these benefits in further detail.

Reduces the Risk of Slips and Falls

In certain companies, slips and falls are a major concern since employees and visitors can suffer injuries from them. Occupational health and safety standards dictate that companies should reduce the risk of falls and slips as much as possible by keeping their floors in a safe condition. Poor cleaning methods often lead to issues, though, since they do not remove greasy residues, water or other substances in a thorough manner. Commercial cleaning methods, on the other hand, will ensure that the floors are dry and free of materials that can cause slippage to reduce the risk of issues and injuries.

Maintains a Healthy Air Quality

Proper commercial cleaning ensures that a business structure maintains a healthy air quality. When dirt, pollen, debris and garbage accumulates in a building, the air can become unhealthy or at the very least, unpleasant to breathe. However, when professional cleaners remove all of the above issues from the building on a regular basis, the air quality stays healthy to inhale up the nostrils and into the lungs. Over recent years, Australian authorities have acknowledged that this is an important part of being in compliance with OH&S Standards.

Prevents Pathogens From Thriving on Surfaces

Another way that commercial cleaning helps you comply with OH&S standards is that it prevents pathogens from thriving and multiplying on surfaces such as benchtops, tables, sinks, toilets, windows, desks and other items inside the building. Pathogens cause all types of health issues from respiratory infections to influenza. A business that fails to remove these disease causers suffers a slowdown in production regularly due to high absenteeism among its employees.

Alec Epis Cleaning Services will provide further information on commercial cleaning and the importance of occupational health and safety standards upon request. Our company provides high-quality commercial cleaning services to business, industrial, office, medical and educational facilities along with car dealerships. On top of this, we utilise the latest in green cleaning methods and solutions to ensure that we do not pollute the buildings or the environment.

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