Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning: You Don’t Need to Use Strong and Harmful Chemicals

Blog | April 23rd, 2018

To avoid people from becoming sick, commercial kitchens are required to make sure that they keep a very clean and healthy environment. Whether it is a high school cafeteria, a restaurant, or a five-star hotel’s kitchen, ensuring that commercial kitchens are properly maintained does not require the need to use strong and harmful chemicals.

Regardless of whether the kitchen is in a high school cafeteria, a local restaurant, or a five-star hotel, ensuring that commercial kitchens have a clean and healthy environment should be a top priority. Unfortunately, typical cleaning agents and products used by many commercial cleaners commonly contain ammonia or chloride – notorious toxic chemicals that are definitely bad for the environment.

These strong and harmful cleaning chemicals also contributes to indoor air pollution that can cause health concerns for employees.

Environmentally Safe Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning without Strong and Harmful Chemicals

A commercial kitchen’s reputation ultimately depends on cleanliness, and that is the dilemma as owners and managers regularly use cleaning products that are toxic and hazardous to employees, and to the environment outside of their kitchens. The harmful effects of toxic cleaning chemicals on health and the environment is a major concern today, as these contribute to the growing pollution problem.

Thankfully, there are safe, environmentally friendly green alternative cleaning products that can be effectively used to maintain commercial kitchens, without the need to use strong and harmful chemicals. In fact, many commercial kitchen owners and managers want to avail of environmentally responsible cleaning practices, but only lack the knowledge and experience that green commercial cleaners have.

Alec Epis Cleaning Services – Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaners

Commercial kitchens that want to cease using toxic cleaning products, to maintain a high level of cleanliness and to eliminate the risk to human health, while at the same time preventing chemicals from reaching the environment, can hire Eco-friendly commercial cleaners from Alec Epis Cleaning Services.

Here at Alec Epis Cleaning Services, we use only green cleaning products to avoid the harmful effects of toxic chemicals. Many businesses are now aware of these negative effects and are choosing to use green cleaning solutions whenever possible.

You can learn more about how your commercial kitchen can benefit from using green commercial cleaning products when you contact Alec Epis Cleaning Services. We offer all types of professional commercial cleaning services and take great pride in using alternative, safe cleaning products and methods to provide the best results to our clients that meet and exceed their expectations.

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