Hard Floor Stripping, Sealing and Polishing Services

Blog | July 10th, 2017

Hard floor options such as vinyl, natural stone, hardwood and ceramic tile add class and ambiance to your commercial building. Over the years, though, these options can lose their luster when their sealers begin to age, yellow and even deteriorate. As a result, to maintain hard floors in the proper fashion, you should hire professional stripping, sealing and polishing services periodically throughout the life of them. Upon request, Alec Epis Cleaning Services will deliver these services in a quality manner at the right intervals to ensure that your floors remain in an ideal condition for as long as possible.


We strip and clean the hard floors using the correct methods for your type of floor to ensure there is no damage in the process. This step removes the old, yellow or deteriorating sealant. Just removing this layer will make your floor have a more eye-catching appearance, but we do not stop here since the floor still needs protection. Hardwood flooring may also require sanding in between the stripping and cleaning steps of this service before we can move on to sealing the floor.


Since each hard floor material has different sealant needs, we select the one recommended for your specific floor and apply it after we finish the stripping process. Our crews evenly distribute the sealer over the entire stripped floor and allow it to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.


Once the sealer is sufficiently dry, we buff the floor to a lustrous shine. Polishing enhances the colours, textures or patterns of your floor design and provides it with an entirely fresh appearance. Your clients and visitors may even think that you just installed new flooring in some cases.

The Importance of Properly Maintaining Hard Floors

When you fail to correctly maintain your hard floors, you can shorten their lifespan. This occurs if the sealant deteriorates to the point that it no longer protects the flooring from moisture, stains and other issues. The flooring will then need replacing sooner than your budget may allow, and this might reduce the profitability of your company.

For further facts about our hard floor stripping, sealing and polishing services, consult with our company when it is convenient for you. While you are speaking with us, be certain to inquire about our other services, such as contract commercial cleaning, sanitizing and deodorising, carpet steam or dry cleaning, window cleaning and property maintenance services. In addition, we will supply your building with a number of essentials that range from toilet rolls to floor mats. Our goal is to fulfil your needs in a quality manner.

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