Harmful Effects of Toxic Cleaning Products

Blog | January 17th, 2018

When people buy cleaning products for use in their homes, they expect these to be effective and safe to use and not resulting in any harmful effects from toxic cleaning chemicals. This should be just as true with commercial cleaning products. Similar to home products such as soaps, scents, detergents, and general all-purpose cleaning products, commercial cleaners often need stronger cleaning materials that often contain toxic chemicals.

While cleaning products are needed to keep commercial properties maintained, sanitised and deodorised, business owners and managers should become aware about the harmful effects of toxic cleaning products have on human health and the environment.

The Harmful Effects of Toxic Cleaning Products on Health and the Environmental

Commercial cleaning products have been known to find their way into storm drains, water systems, and landfills. Toxic cleaning chemicals definitely contribute to pollution and are poisonous if ingested. This is why care should be taken to use only cleaning materials that will have the least negative effect on human health and the environment.

While cleaning ingredients vary in types and kinds, some more hazardous than others, contact with skin can cause irritation, rashes, or chemical burns. Inhalation of fumes from toxic chemical cleaning agents can result in respiratory irritation and watery eyes, with long-term exposure potentially resulting in cancer.

Using Eco-friendly cleaning products is a good way to remove toxic chemicals from reaching the environment, or worse – posing a risk to human health. Sadly, not all cleaning products that are labeled ‘Eco-friendly’ are chemical free. Thankfully, professional commercial cleaners, such as Alec Epis Cleaning Services, not only know what cleaning products are truly ‘green’, but that’s all they use – Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Avoiding the Harmful Effects of Toxic Cleaning Products

Because of the growing awareness of the negative impact that toxic chemicals have on human health and the environment, many business owners and managers are choosing to use ‘green’ cleaners to maintain their properties. Commercial cleaners that understand the negative impacts that toxic chemicals have on people, the interior of buildings, and the environment, chose to use green cleaning solutions that don’t pose a health risk to those who use the buildings they clean.

For more information about the benefits of using Eco-friendly commercial cleaning products and services for your business, feel free to contact Alec Epis Cleaning Services. We are always available to explain the types of commercial cleaning services we provide, as well as the types of green cleaning products we use.

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