How Commercial Cleaning Services Can Impact Medical Facilities and Nursing Homes

Blog | April 13th, 2018

Commercial cleaning services can have a very favorable impact on medical facilities and nursing homes today. Because modern commercial cleaning teams are well trained in all aspects of cleaning buildings of all types and sizes, they are experienced in using the very best products, equipment and cleaning procedures for thorough cleansing of each facility.

These teams are also trained in sanitary cleaning and will disinfect such areas as restrooms, medical surgery or treatment rooms and trash disposal facilities. All kitchens, food preparation spaces and meal service areas will also be well cleaned. In addition, the best commercial cleaners today offer green cleaning services using only eco-friendly cleaning agents and methods.

Skilled Professional Cleaning Services Impact Medical Facilities and Nursing Homes

Major ways in which modern cleaning services can impact medical facilities and nursing homes today include the following:

Cleaning and Disinfecting Services. – All medical facility or nursing home treatment areas and individual patient rooms must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly, and especially before a new patient is assigned to a room. This will help prevent the transference of germs or illness from one patient to another. Elderly people and patients recuperating from surgeries and illness are often susceptible to infections and maladies caused by a build-up of germs and bacteria. For this reason, hospitals and nursing facilities must be constantly and completely cleaned and sanitised.

Sanitary and Hygienic Cleaning. – Sanitary and hygienic cleaning are necessary in all restroom facilities for patients, visitors and staff in medical facilities and nursing homes. This includes sanitising of all fixtures in restrooms as well as floors, walls and any furnishings or accessories. Kitchen areas must also be sanitised, especially where any trash, garbage or discarded food is temporarily stored before disposal. Refrigeration and food preparation areas must be kept spotless and very clean. Dining and snack areas for patients, residents, staff and guests must also be kept very clean and free of debris.

General Cleaning of Communal Areas.
– All communal areas in hospital and nursing facilities must be kept very clean. General cleaning in these areas must be done frequently, and all floors, furnishings and any items that are handled by guests as well as patients and residents should be kept very clean. Green products can be very helpful in terms of daily cleaning and keeping these general areas very fresh and attractive. In general, green products are favored now for health reasons, especially for performing cleaning services around elderly residents and hospital patients.

By engaging the experienced, professional cleaning team of Alec Epis Cleaning serving Melbourne and surrounding regions, you will receive ultimate quality, comprehensive cleaning for your nursing home or hospital facility. This fine team of well-trained and highly- skilled cleaners will thoroughly cleanse and sanitise your facilities with use of the latest safe and effective products, equipment and procedures.

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