Important Things to Avoid When Cleaning Schools and Child Care Centres

Blog | July 24th, 2018

Maintaining a healthy school environment is very important, as it has a direct impact on the academic performance of children. Basically, when children become sick it affects their performance at school. Because of this, there are important things to avoid when cleaning schools and child care centres to prevent children from becoming sick.

Because children are more sensitive to exposure to environmental risks than adults, it is vital to make sure that schools and child care centres are kept free of toxic substances. Here are the reasons why:

  • Unhealthy school environments can negatively affect children’s health. When a child is sick, their concentration and performance suffers and they are more likely to be absent from school.
  • Up to 90% of children’s time is spent indoors during their time in schools and child care centres.
  • Schools that are cleaned professionally are more likely to experience improved academic performance.
  • Schools that are cleaned using ‘green’ cleaning products are estimated to reduce absenteeism and increase academic performance of student. This is because green cleaning products do not contain toxic substances that can create an environmental risk to children.

Properly Cleaning Schools and Child Care Centres and Avoiding Common Mistakes

The importance of cleaning schools and child care centres properly can’t be over stated, as the health of children are at risk. That is why it is vital to avoid these common cleaning mistakes:

  1. Use proper cleaning products safely – it is not recommended to use commercial or industrial cleaning products that have toxic substance when cleaning schools and child care centres. Pay close attention to any hazard warnings on the labels of cleaning products.
  2. Always use protection and don’t mix cleaning products – always wear gloves to protect your hands when using cleaning products that contain chemicals such as bleach and ammonia, that is because these chemicals can be absorb into the pores of the skin. Also, never mix cleaners and disinfectants, combining these could result in injury.
  3. Hire professional cleaners who use green cleaning products – it is advised to hire professional cleaners that exclusively use green, safe cleaning products to properly clean schools and child care centres, instead of assigning teachers and staff to do it. Not only will the environment be as thoroughly cleaned as possible, but any risk of teachers and staff becoming sick will also be avoided as well.

If you want your school or child care centre to be as clean as possible, to meet and exceed all standards, then consider hiring Alec Epis Cleaning Services – a cleaner with over 40 years of experience in the industry.

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