Pest Control Using Proper Sanitation and Deodorising Methods

Blog | June 28th, 2017

While you may be considering the use of pesticides or poisons to control the pests in your building, you may wish to hold off on this until you read our information here. The reason we say this is that you need to understand that these may be unnecessary if you use proper sanitation and deodorizing methods throughout the building. Methods such as these include removing organic waste, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning surfaces in the appropriate manner.

1. Organic Waste Products and Spills Attract Pests

When you fail to remove organic spills and waste products from the building in a timely manner, they can attract ants, roaches, mice, rats and other pests. For example, ants and other pests love the sweetness of sugary spills and enjoy munching on the garbage in the trash bin. For this reason, you must empty the garbage into the appropriate bins outside of the building for pick up at the allotted time each week, and you also should clean up all spills immediately.

2. Allowing Dust to Accumulate in Carpeting Encourages Dust Mites and Other Microscopic Critters to Thrive

The simple act of vacuuming on a regular schedule will remove the dust that the carpeting attracts each day along with the adult critters and eggs that may be lurking deep in the fibres of the carpet. Empty all vacuum debris into the trash receptacle to ensure that it leaves the building along with the above waste.

3. Clean, Disinfect and Deodorise All Surfaces

Along with the first two items on this list, you need to clean, disinfect and deodorise all the surfaces from the floor to the benchtops to ensure that there is nothing on them that will attract unwanted pests and to ensure a safe environment for your employees and visitors.

4. You May Be Able to Forego the Use of Pesticides and Poisons

Often times, you can forego the use of poisons and pesticides just by utilizing the proper sanitation and deodorizing methods for your specific business. Each company has different needs, so there is no one set procedure that fits all in this case. Seek out professional advice and help if necessary to ensure that your methods are adequate.

For further information about how the proper sanitation and deodorising methods assist with pest control, consult with Alec Epic Cleaning Services. In fact, we will deliver a wide assortment of cleaning services that will ensure that your building is clean and as pest free as possible each day and often, without the need for extermination with pesticides or poisons. Our company customises our offerings to suit your exact specifications.

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