Promoting Positive Health by Sanitising and Deodorising Using Natural and Eco-Friendly Products

Blog | October 6th, 2017

You can promote positive health by using natural and eco-friendly or ‘green’ products to sanitise and deodorise your building. Today, research shows how dangerous traditional, chemical cleaning products are to use since they pollute the interior surfaces with toxic residues and give off noxious fumes and aromas that are harmful to people’s respiratory systems. Also, the outdoor environment can be tainted by the disposal of these cleaning products. All these reasons are why you need to switch to environmentally friendly and natural cleaning products.

Green Cleaning Products Provide Quality Results

One thing that may surprise you is the fact that eco-friendly, natural products clean as effectively, if not more so, than traditional chemical ones do in your building. Chemical ones can be abrasive as they clean to the point of damaging surfaces, whereas, green cleaners remove the stains, dirt and even grease effectively without harming your surfaces.

Natural, Eco-Friendly Products Do Not Leave Unhealthy Residues on Surfaces

Chemical cleaners often leave unsightly residues even when you rinse twice with clear water. These residues can cause skin reactions in the users of the building when they come into contact with them. In comparison, green cleaners rinse completely off surfaces without leaving any residues behind them and therefore, do not cause skin reactions.

Environmentally Friendly, Natural Cleaning Solutions Will Not Harm the Building’s Air Quality

Even the indoor air quality benefits when you use green cleaners. This is due to the fact that these cleaners do not give off noxious fumes that can negatively affect the respiratory systems of the people in the building. In fact, they also do not contain artificial fragrances that so many people are allergic to and can cause allergic reactions or even asthma to occur when people inhale them.

Green Cleaners Preserve the Condition of the Outdoor Environment

You help safeguard the outdoor environment by using eco-friendly, natural cleaners since they do not pollute the soil, groundwater or air when you dispose of them or the dirty wash water. Chemical cleaners, on the other hand, taint the outdoor environment upon disposal of them. As a result, not only does this negatively affect the health of people, but also animal and plant life.

Promote positive health today by sanitising and deodorizing using only natural and eco-friendly products. Contact Alec Epis Cleaning Services for further facts on this topic or to learn what professional cleaning services we can offer your building. We specialise in green cleaning techniques and solutions, whether your building is for commercial, educational, medical or other uses.

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