Quality Commercial Cleaning Services for Health and Hygiene

Blog | January 25th, 2018

Commercial spaces are meant to accommodate people. It’s basically where you conduct business, sell products, or offer services. Naturally, the way your building is presented says a lot about your company. How well it is maintained shows customers that you’re not only concerned with putting up a respectable brand, but that you also care for their health and well-being.

Just hiring any cleaning services isn’t enough, as the problem with many cleaning services is that they don’t always meet the commercial standards of sanitation. However, professionals like Alec Epis Cleaning Services can provide you with quality commercial cleaning services that meet strict commercial cleaning guidelines.

Businesses in the food and health sector can greatly benefit from hiring professional cleaners, since maintaining a high level of health and hygiene is of paramount importance. Alec Epis Cleaning Services can help companies in various ways to maintain health and hygiene, as can be seen below:

Commercial cleaning at your convenience. Depending on your budget and needs, you can hire commercial cleaners from Alec Epis Cleaning Services on a contract, or any time you require our services. Contract commercial cleaning ensures that sanitation is maintained on a schedule – daily, weekly, or as agreed. Should you need us anytime for an emergency cleaning, call us, we’re happy to help.

Access to property maintenance. Keeping the exterior and interior of your commercial property in excellent condition takes hard work, but it’s important to have people who know how to properly clean because the state of your building and its surroundings will reflect on your company’s image. If you want to keep your business healthy and thriving, customers should see that your premises are hygienic, as it shows that you have their welfare in mind.

Sanitising and deodorising services. Some amenities and facilities require more stringent measures for hygiene. With buildings that have a lot of people, we sanitise and deodorise restrooms, common use rooms and waiting areas, and any areas where food is prepared and eaten. In addition to these services, we supply and re-stock hygiene products that are needed in bathrooms and working areas.

Partnered with Hunter Industrials, Alec Epis Cleaning Services can not only clean and maintain commercial properties, but we also re-stock the best quality Environmental and Eco-friendly supplies for working areas, restrooms, and kitchens. If you want quality commercial cleaning services for health and hygiene, then call the best, Alec Epis Cleaning Services.

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