School Cleaning Services in Melbourne: Keeping School and University Premises Clean and Hygienic

Blog | July 12th, 2018

If you’ve ever walked into a dirt school, you probably remember your immediate reaction: disappointment mixed with distaste. As educational facilities for our youths, schools, and universities need to be prepared to maintain a level of hygiene that exceeds all standards. There are a variety of reasons and research papers that show how a clean facility can lead to happier people and a more effective facility. With that being said, we’re here to talk about the specific ways that a professional cleaning service can help to keep a school clean, hygienic, and suitable for their student body.

Benefits of School Cleaning Services

Whether we are talking about a school for small children or a renowned University, the goal should be the same. The premises of the building, both inside and out, should be properly maintained and taken care of. Here at Alec Epis Cleaning Services, we believe in approaching each school we clean with the mindset that everything needs to be done thoroughly and perfectly. After all, hygiene isn’t just about appearances — it is also about safety. Here are a few ways that we address hygiene while cleaning schools and universities.

1) After Hours Service – In order to avoid any disruption of the school’s regular scheduling, we offer special after-hours service in order to fit the curriculum of your program. Our cleaning team descends upon the school in order to work in an efficient and thorough manner.

2) Environmentally Friendly Products – We are proud of our ability to use environmental and eco-aware supplies while cleaning and servicing your building. We also re-stock your facilities with these same high-quality materials. We re-stock: toilet rolls, paper towels, facial tissues, air fresheners and dispensers, floor matting and more.

3) Floor to Ceiling Coverage
– Our professional cleaning services make sure to cover every square inch of your building. Our cleaning professionals follow what is known as the EVOLVE system. The EVOLVE system allows us to address every surface point in your school, from carpets and floors to windows and walls.

4) Sanitation Above All
– Finally, our workers make sure to clean thoroughly enough so that your school is sanitised, clean, and safe for your students and faculty members the next day. Hygiene is more than just looking clean, it is about being safe as well.

Hire Alec Epis Cleaning Services Today

If your school is in need of punctual, professional and thorough cleaning services, you know who to call. At AEC we have over 40 years of experience in the industry and we are prepared to deliver you the high-quality, reliable cleaning services that your facility needs.

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