School Cleaning Tips: Creating First Impressions with a Clean School Facility

Blog | December 4th, 2017

Since school facilities are places for children and young adults to fill their heads with learning, it is vital to keep these institutions clean and sanitary. Along with this, there are many times when you will need to make a favourable first impression on students, parents, educators, visitors and even possible investors if your school happens to be a private one rather than a public school. Simply cleaning the school in the right manner can accomplish this goal. Refer to the following school cleaning tips to learn how to go about this effectively.

Pressure Wash the Parking Lot and Exterior of the School on a Regular Basis

A first impression of your school begins to form in the parking lot or with the exterior of your school building depending on which directions people are approaching from for their specific reasons. Therefore, both of these areas need pressure washing on a regular basis to ensure that they are clean and free of unsightly dirt and debris.

Entryway-Door Mats Trap Moisture and Dirt

If you allow people to track in dirt and moisture, your school floors will be difficult to keep clean and attractive. To prevent these elements from being an issue with your floors, install door mats at the entryway in order for all who come into the school to walk off some of what is on their shoes before they step onto your floors.

Remove Dust and Pollen from All Surfaces as Often as Possible

You also should remove all pollen and dust from the desks and other surfaces throughout your school in order to make the ideal first impression. Once a week is not always sufficient for this task depending upon the season of the year.

Provide Appropriate Floor Care

Your floor-care methods need to be appropriate for the type of flooring that your school contains. For example, carpeting needs vacuuming at least once a week and shampooing once every three to four months. Hardwood, tile and vinyl floors require different methods of care.

Bathrooms Need to Be Spotless

With students attending school all throughout the week, the bathrooms require constant attention to ensure that they are spotless and sanitary. Daily cleaning is a must along with the continual restocking of hand towels, toilet paper, hand soap and other pertinent consumables.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

While you can accomplish school cleaning with your own janitorial staff, you will create a better first impression by hiring a professional cleaning company such as ours of Alec Epis Cleaning Services. We are experts in all aspects of commercial cleaning. Our company services a variety of businesses, health facilities and other public institutions, including schools. Also, we understand how crucial it is to use only green cleaning methods to preserve the interior and air quality of schools along with the condition of the environment.

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