The Importance of Sanitation and Cleaning Before Moving In to A New Office

Blog | March 15th, 2018

Before your business moves into new offices, it is important to ensure that your new company facilities are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised by a top quality commercial cleaning service. Just light, surface cleaning of your new office spaces will not rid the environment of basic dirt, stubborn dust and germ accumulations from previous use of your company’s new facilities. With use of the expert cleansing techniques, safe procedures and effective, eco-friendly cleaning agents supplied by an experienced, responsible commercial cleaning service, you can be assured of moving into a clean, healthy and environmentally safe work environment. You, your business managers and your entire staff will benefit from work time spent in your new, pristine and productive company premises.

The Importance of Sanitation and Cleaning before Moving Into a New Office

Good cleaning and sanitation services before you and your staff members move into a new office setting are essential. This thorough cleansing process should include the following types of professional commercial cleaning:

• Wall and Floor Cleaning. – Walls and flooring of your new offices must be cleaned and polished with environmentally safe products before you and your employees move in. Any damaged or stained hardwood flooring must be scraped, sanded and refinished, and worn or cracked floor tiles must be replaced. If timber, concrete or marble floors are in good condition, they should be well cleaned and waxed or polished in advance of your relocation date.

• Carpet and Window Treatment Cleaning.
– If your new offices have existing carpeting that is in good condition, your office cleaning crew should give all carpeted areas a deep, thorough shampoo to ensure its cleanliness. This will remove both dirt and any lingering germs from carpeting fibres. All window treatments must also be cleaned and windows must be washed. If the office windows are fitted with fabric drapes, shades or draw-curtains, they should be removed and dry cleaned. Other types of window coverings such as vinyl shades, metal blinds or wooden shutters should be taken down and well-cleaned. Only safe, green cleaning products should be used for all cleansing procedures.

• Sanitising and Disinfecting.
– All washrooms, kitchen and eating areas and utility rooms in your new office location must be well cleaned, sanitised and disinfected before your move-in date. Special attention should be focused on thorough sanitising of all bathroom fixtures and counter surfaces as well as walls and flooring in washrooms and utility areas. Green disinfecting agents should be used wherever needed, and all sanitary disposal containers must be disinfected using eco-friendly products. All kitchen appliances as well food prepping counters and tables in snack and eating areas must be well cleaned, and floors must be cleaned and disinfected where needed.

By engaging the professional commercial cleaning services of Alec Epis Cleaning Services based in Melbourne and serving the city and all surrounding regions, you will receive top quality green cleaning and sanitising of your new office facilities. This excellent team of cleaning experts will use only the finest, environmentally safe and thorough cleaning agents, equipment and procedures. Their careful office cleansing will ensure you and your business staff of a completely clean, healthy, eco-friendly and highly productive working environment for the ongoing benefit of your company.

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