Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Materials in Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Blog | April 24th, 2017

There continues to be an increasing interest in the use of eco-friendly cleaning materials in hospitals and nursing homes in recent years, and for good reason. Cleaning products such as disinfectants are crucial in maintaining healthy conditions in long term care facilities, in the prevention of infections and in reducing any health related dangers to human health. With that said, when compared to contemporary cleaning products and practices eco-friendly cleaning materials are better suited.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes Benefit from Eco-Friendly Cleaning Materials

Green cleaning practices and products in hospitals and nursing homes are an ideal infection control solutions because most contemporary cleaning and disinfectant products are known to contain harmful and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds emit gases originating from certain liquids and solids that often have chemicals that pose short-term and long-term negative health effects that can exacerbate patients’ respiratory problems, cause headaches, and other negative health symptoms.

The move towards greener cleaning products is an obvious choice for administrators, as it ensures a higher level of health safety for the patients under their care. That is why professional cleaning companies that use eco-friendly cleaning materials are in demand, especially when it comes to cleaning hospital equipment in close contact with patients.

The importance of regularly cleaning health related equipment cannot be overestimated, especially if said equipment is shared between patients in the same room. Not only is there a risk of transmission of micro-organisms, but the exposure to VOCs may also occur. Patient-care equipment that is frequently used by staff in hospitals and nursing homes, as well as doors, walls, and flooring in busy health facilities, can benefit the most from eco-friendly cleaning materials.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Professional Cleaners in Hospitals and Nursing Homes

There are many benefits to hiring professional cleaners that specialise in eco-friendly cleaning materials, mainly, to increase the overall health of medical facilities, and as a means to reduce payroll and the cost of maintaining cleaning materials, equipment, and training custodians.

Hospitals and nursing homes have specific cleaning needs and demands, and professional cleaners of medical facilities, such as Alec Epis Cleaning Service, have the experience and training to prevent germs and bacteria migrating from room to room, by effectively using eco-friendly cleaning materials and modern cleaning practices and equipment for health facilities.

The professional cleaners at Alec Epis can handle the unique needs of health facilities, and are prepared to tackle any unexpected cleaning situation in a professional manner that will have the least amount of impact on patients and staff.

For more information about how eco-friendly cleaning materials can benefit your hospital or nursing home, please contact Alec Epis today.

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